Monday, August 20, 2012

life soundtrack

Do you imagine your life with a sound track? Do you have a theme song? I can't imagine my life without music in the background. And for everything I do, there is a song playing in my mind in the back ground.

Does that sound weird? How could it be any different? If you grew up in the same time I did, and in the same situation I was, you'll understand it.

I have grown up in a time where lives of people, real ones and imagined ones, were told on TV every day, all the time, as series, shows, novelas, movies, music videos, commercials and anything else one could fit in that little blue light screen.
I have also grown up in a time where we could carry our music with us everywhere we go. In the car, in the purse, attached to our bodies.
Then every where I go there is music playing. The mall, the store, the restaurant, the school. Music is everywhere in the background.

How could I possibly view life in any other way but with a sound track?

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