Thursday, April 18, 2013

checks and toys

Our new bank checks arrived yesterday. Not the ones I spent hours on Monday shopping for. The free ones from the bank. The bank sent us free checks? Yes, it's our new bank. Part of the new account deal is 50 new checks.
But the fact that the new ones I shopped for on Monday night have not arrived yet, didn't stop me from hurrying to the bedroom and getting the old bank checks left over.
317 checks that we were left from the 480 checks we purchased from checks unlimited when we opened our bank of america account.
We hardly use checks, so it makes sense that in 5 years we only used about 163 checks.
I opened the two brand new boxes filled with checks and felt like a little girl playing house. I wanted to write scribbles in all of them. Just like I used to do when I couldn't read or write and I just got paper and pen and pretended to be writing the news.
While I describe my play, you are probably sitting there wondering why we purchased so many checks. Well, because that many checks was still cheaper than 120 checks from our old bank.
Same goes for our new bank. they sent us 50 free checks, but if we want more, it's around $37 for each box of 120 checks. Well, we paid $19 for 600 with vistaprint.
I'm looking forward to receiving those. Too bad I won't be able to play with them.
And these old ones we burn. Sniff, sniff.

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