Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Freedom of speech ... well, wait

It's a little known fact, but the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, that which protects freedom of speech, does not cover people who disagree with homosexuality.
Actually, it covers no one who disagree from majority opinion or politically correct.
I will make no excuses here. People a shut off for saying or writing things that others don't consider cool, or don't consider ok for their kids to listen to.
Come on, people, let's reason. The first amendment covers everyone to express their opinion, whether you like it or not.
Do you not like my opinion? Then don't! You have the right to your own, and that opinion my differ from mine. You don't have to discuss it with me. You can, but you don't have to. You can try to learn why I think the way I think, and we can talk. You can try to change my mind, then we can talk.
However, don't try to coerce me into changing my mind by boycotting my business or my ability to get a job. Unless my business is blatantly pushing my opinion down people's throats, don't hurt an American business man or worker who simply made use of the right given to every citizen in the first amendment!
Let's show our fellow citizens we believe they too have that right! We support their right!

Do you think your kids should not listen to the things I say, or write, or show on TV? Don't let your kids listen to it or watch it. But don't hinder me from doing it! Because when the tides turn, and you're the one speaking, writing or broadcasting, and I am the one with public power to shut you down, you won't like that a bit. It's unconstitutional!

The first amendment isn't there to protect me from what you say that I don't like, it is there to protect each one of us, you and me from being shut off by those who don't like what we say.

Brazil, a country with similar laws and similar constitutional rights, is also all flustered up with the homosexual marriage question. And anyone who dares disagree that this is something beautiful and it should be legal in the country is a FILTHY HOMOPHOBE!

I am not talking theoretical or general ideas here. There is a representative in the Brazilian congress that dared voice his opinion that he disagrees with homosexual marriage. He was immediately socially crucified.

Wait, what? I don't have the right to disagree from public opinion? I don't have the right to my opinion based on a religion that has been around for thousands of years and to which millions around the world subscribe? I don't have the right to say, "I don't think this should be a right"?

No, I don't. No one does. No one who disagrees with the public opinion ever has a right to his own opinion without being public execrated.


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