Sunday, June 01, 2014

Everytime, the same bull-doodoo

Every time there is a fatal shooting, emotions rise to the surface and there is an outcry for tougher gun control laws.

I do not know what it feels like to have a child killed by a mad man. I hope I never have to. I can only imagine few things must be worse than that kind of loss.

But that horrible situation can not become the excuse for raising the banner of gun control. Why not? Because the more we control guns, the more you endanger the whole population.

Bearing arms is about safety - both personal and collective. We are silly to believe having to resort to armed revolt is an impossibility in America. It is a possibility we must hope never comes, but that is in the same way we lock our doors hoping the burglar never comes. Many times he doesn't, but are we stupid not to lock our doors? Most of us has never had to face a burglary, most of us never will. However, we still lock our doors. most of us will not die in an accident, however, we still wear clean underwear just in case.(in case you are looking at me funny let me ask you if you never had a grandma who told you you better wear clean underwear in case you ever find yourself dead on the streets and people will see you in nasty underwear).

Will we ever have the need for an armed revolution? Hope not. Maybe never. But we still prepare. Will we ever be attacked by an armed criminal/rapist in a dark alley? Hope not. Maybe never. As a matter of fact, don't walk into a dark alley. Be we still prepare.

When tragedies happen we think gun control is about preventing them from happening again. It is not.

Gun control is not about taking the gun away from the crazy shooter who takes lives away.

Gun control is about taking guns away from the population. Gun control is about empowering the government to control our lives. Something the Founding Fathers were so profoundly afraid of.

Not long ago, back in April, a boy in Murrysville, PA stabbed twenty students and a security person. No one cried for knife control. Why not? Because the government is not afraid of our knives.

When we cry for gun control, as concerned citizens, we don't realize  that we are in fact being used as puppets, in the hands of the gov-puppeteer who would rather have an armed population, and an excessive say in what we can or can not have.

The problem of violence will not be solved with stricter gun laws. This is too simplistic. in the mid-twentieth century, no one argued gun control, more people accepted guns as normal, but no one ever heard of school shootings. The problem of violence in school is beyond gun control.

Let's not let our emotion and concern for our children speak louder than common sense and big-picture safety. In case I die of a gun shot, don't use me as an excuse either. It is not about that.

And, since everyone likes statistics, let's not forget where most gun crimes happen - where gun laws are stricter:
- Schools are probably the most dangerous place in America today. It is a gun free zone.
- Cities where gun laws are harsher have higher gun crime rates as well. So much that if the two cities with highest crime rate in America were taken off the map, America would be one of the countries with the least gun violence. But guess what! Those cities are gun free zones.
BTW, before you eat me alive because I am not citing where I got this data from, do your own research. I did mine a while ago, and no I did not save the websites (though I should have). But the internet is here for you, too. I don't have exclusive rights to the WWW.

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