Sunday, June 08, 2014

Little Brothers

I here was thinking about our naiveté when we try to teach people from different cultures how to worship God appropriately - things that range from how to dress for church until the right rhythm to sing praises.The word of God says that many will praise him from many cultures, languages ​​and nations. Thanks to the missionaries of the ancient world, the nations and cultures of European origins came. Thanks to European pilgrims, peoples from the Americas came. Thanks to the missionaries of the Americas, formerly unreached peoples of Africa and Asia came too.And we all came with our human cultures and languages ​​and failures. And we all had access the Bible and its message. And in our flawed ways, we try to worship this wonderful God who sent his son to die for the fallen race of Adam.Even saved, we are still flawed, because we are still part of the race of sinners. We are redeemed sinners - nothing else."Who has known the mind of our Lord?" Really. And who am I or you, or the European, or the American, to tell another how to sing praises or dress in a way that is pleasing to God?In my view, a Western missionary who tries to tell a Christian from an African or Asian tribe that must use this or that song or outfit equals himself to a 4 year old boy trying to teach the 3 year old little brother how to make Mom's  favorite bean stew.

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