Sunday, March 11, 2012

Everything changes!

Everything changes, I know. All the time. The poet said, "nothing that we we see is the same as we saw a second ago."
I know that.
But too many changes in a very short time is a little bit earthshaking.
My step-cousin, no more than 5 years older than me, died of cancer last month. I only found it out this week.
My best friend, 3 months younger than me,  broke off her 5-year engagement this week - a month before her wedding.
Wow! What else has to happen? Boy! Am I glad the week is over!!!! Beware of the Ides of March, eh!

My step-cousin - I saw him a few times in my life, when we were both little kids. Just after Christmas I found out he had cancer and was at the hospital. It was hard to picture that little guy, now a man, lying on a hospital bed, dying.
He passed away exactly three months after his diagnosis. It was too late for doctors to do anything for him.
Have I said how much I HATE CANCER before? No?
Too many people die of it, and you can do NOTHING to prevent it! What a disgusting disease!
And, as much as I think about death as something normal, something that could happen at any time to any one of us, including myself, it is really creepy to think that someone that close to me in age just died. I guess we just never really get used to the idea of death. I guess we just never get used to the idea that this thing called cancer can just come and take away our people!

And to top it off - I am only told about it a month later. Trying to digest the whole thing, kind of screwed my romantic mood for the week.

Then, my best friend tells me over MSN that her wedding is off ... for good!
What??? Girl, you don't drop off that bomb over an msn message and expect me not to call you and ask for the deats. I mean, what on earth? Didn't you message me a few days before to tell me about this cool thing that you were going to do in your wedding? I mean, how on earth? Spit it out - you're not brushing that off with a simple, "I'd rather not talk about it."
Apparently Mr.Right was anguishing over whether or not he was supposed to be Mr.Right, whether he'd be able to continue being Mr. Right after the wedding, and hey, there is only so much questioning and fear a girl can take from a guy. I totally understand her side. Enough is enough. At the end of the day, you want to know your guy is there for you - 100% of him, not his blinker version (I'm on, I'm off, I'm on, I'm off). I feel really sorry that this had to happen to my best friend.
Well, I am through with this week. I'm glad it's over. Let's move on. Or, as we say in Brazil, "Kick the ball to the goal cuz it's playoff game!"

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