Monday, March 26, 2012

I love nightmares

Some people hate having bad dreams. I love it! My bad or scary dreams all feel like a horror or thriller movie. And when I get really scared in them, all I have to do is remember it is a dream and then I tell myself to wake up. Then I wake up.

Last night, for instance, part of my dream was with The Walking Dead. That Rick guy had to shoot Lori, pq she had turned into a zombie. We had to keep redoing that scene, because I didn't like the way they were doing the scene. Hey!!! Man, I think I was the director of that episode!!!!

But then I wasn't in the TV show anymore. My baby and I were inside a house with a murderer child. I kept calling 911, but no one answered. The heck!!! Who has ever seen 911 not answer phone calls! But, no, they didn't. I sent Dean out for help. What the heck was I thinking!!! Now I was home alone with a mini psycho ... wait! Dang! ... I can't remember anymore of it! Shoot! The darn thing about dreams is that you have to wake up and say them out loud right away. I f you don't, the stupid dream goes away from your mind. There - gone. 

Now I had this dream last week that I woke up and told it to my baby right away. So I can still remember it - It was more or less like this: There was this guy who was about 60 years old locked inside this abandoned building. H'm... could it be Chuck Norris? Someone lit a bomb right next to him. So he jumped over a huge wall to the next room right before the bomb went off. Just when I was about to breath, relieved, someone else lit another bomb, so he ran to the next room before the bomb went off. Now I was already thinking it was all over when someone screamed that the whole building was about to explode. The guy started running out of the building right before the explosion.

Whew! I was so nervous already! But just when I thought it was all done, someone came along saying he had to do it all over again.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" I yelled! "You crazy, bro?! You'll end up dying, old man!"
"But I have life insurance!" He said.
"Wake up, old man! Life insurance won't bring you back your life! When you're dead, what will you care about insurance?"
That's when two children show up. They don't look anything like each other. The girl is black and the boy is blond. "I am doing that for my children," he says.
Get real!  What a retard!

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