Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's eat chocolate and popcorn!

So all these crazy studies are coming out about how popcorn is actually healthy, or how chocolate is actually healthy, or how all sorts of food that were once the villains are now considered heroes.

Ok, so now everyone is now going to go around eating chocolate, popcorn and call it health food.

People!!!! Wake up!!! "Everything in moderation!!!" remember?! OMG! What is wrong with people?!

I remember as a teenager everyone used to say that chocolate was bad for your skin - it causes acne! Well, first of all, acne is a genetic condition and if you have it in your genes you'll get the darn pimples - so let me eat my freaking chocolate alone, ok!

Chocolate is not bad, neither is popcorn! And, hey those of you who love quoting Supersize Me, McDonalds won't be bad for you either... If eaten in (guess what!) moderation!!! Amazing, isn't it!

But if those foods are all you eat, everyday, day and night, non-stop, then, don't kid yourself, my friend - you will get sick one way or another, sooner or later.

Don't worry! Eat the stuff you like. Just not all the time and not only that.

Also, don't freaking sit in front of a screen all day long! Goodness gracious, you guys! No food makes miracles! Get outside! Move your muscles! Life is too short to spend it stationary anyway!

CocaCola - that's it!

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