Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please don't trust your life to me

I was telling my husband he should have investigated me a little bit better before we got married.
I'm not a very trustworthy person. Seriously. Every time someone else and I were in trouble, I always made sure I'd get mine out of the line, I don't care whom I am leaving behind.
Example number 1:
Leandro and I at camp. We and our group of friends (we were all a bunch of 6, 7, or 8 year-olds) loved to hang out at this place we called thee-rosion. It was actually the way we heard grownups calling the erosion behind the dining hall, but we didn't know any better. We just liked to go jumping all the holes in it as if we were conquering the grand canyon. One day we found this ladder that was left there by some grownup. So Leandro and I and another girl decided we'd go down the ladder to the bottom of thee-rosion. The ladder, however, was old and decrepit, with a few steps missing and others half broken, so as soon as we got down there, the girl freaked out. "Oh, my gosh, we shouldn't be here! We're going to die!" She hurried back up. My brother and I got scared at her freaking out so we also decided to climb up, but before Lelas could touch the ladder I made sure I went up as fast as possible, breaking a couple of steps on my way up, enough to assure that was virtually impossible for any child to climb on whichever steps were left. Well, that means Lelas was now stuck at the bottom of the deadly thee-rosion. Yes, I felt extremely guilty and made sure I got my brother out of there safe and sound while the other girl was long gone, but if we were really in danger, I'd have been saved and my brother wouldn't.

Example number 2:
We were both in this river swimming. However we were both very near this spot where river and ocean meet and there is a certain spot right there where, if you get caught, you just drawn, no matter how well you swim.
Well, we didn't know that. we were swimming and we got caught in this stream. Lelas was right behind me. Just enough to not be able to step down.
I could still find land, so I am striving to get back to shore, while Lelas is grabbing me from behind. "Let go!" I'd say while I pushed his hand away.
Yeah, I could have killed my brother....

So, please, next time we are in a life and death situation together - run away from me!!!!!

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