Saturday, December 15, 2012


Cruelty is always an evil thing - against property, against plants, against animals, against people... But cruelty against children is about the worst thing I can think of. Why do people do that?
Shooting a kindergarten class? I know humans are fallen sinners but I keep finding myself amazed as to how low we can fall.
Most of us have children, or younger siblings, or some of us are teachers (according to what I was taught - moms from school). I'm sure we are all crushed by such a horrendous event.

I'm look back at the awful event in Brazil, when carjackers dragged a little 6 year old boy for about 3 miles just bc he had gotten stuck by the seat belting the car they were trying to take. How low can we fall?

How low can a race of sinners fall? The amazing thing though shouldn't be that we can fall that low, but that most of us actually don't. God's mercy still keeps in humans the ability to care for each other.

In this fallen world nothing should surprise us. But it still hurts. Nothing but the assurance that God is greater than all evil and that he is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalms 46:1 KJV) will keep us from despairing at times like these.

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