Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't politicize this

From the beginning I and several others have been asking people to avoid politicizing this tragedy and make it about gun control. Many people strongly believe one way or the other. I do too. And I have been trying hard to avoid making political statements. I have even deleted a repost after thinking it might be too political. Is it the time for that kind of discussion? Lives were lost and families are mourning. Should we use their pain to serve our agenda, instead of simply joining them on their mourning? They are not statistics. They are not a parable. They are real people in real unthinkable pain. They need comfort and sympathy. Something any of us would want at a time like this.
Unfortunately the president of this country has already set the bad example with his speech yesterday. I wish for once, he could give a speech of comfort and didn't try to push an agenda. When you are elected by a divided nation, you should try to bring people together, not put them up in arms (forgive the unfortunate figure of speech) against each other. I'm very disappointed at how that which started a beautiful speech ended as a political statement. He missed a good chance to bring his nation together. Instead, he used others' pain to introduce his plan. How unworthy. Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh, Mr. President.
But I still hope other people will allow families to mourn before they start with the we should/not have guns discussion.

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