Sunday, March 09, 2014

After we lose

They say we only realize how happy we were when we aren't anymore.
But does it have to be like this? Actually, no, it doesn't. We can live each day as if it were the happiest. We can think of every moment as the best one we've had. And we can view each opportunity to do something fun as maybe the last one we have to be happy.I guess the secret is to have those you love near you, and to love them back.
I guess even when we are hurting we can still do that.
My husband just recently lost his grandfather. It was a hard time for the whole family, and I would certainly not suggest that we go around laughing and singing. But they all came together to mourn, console and remember good times. Yes, it was a time to cry, because it was the end of a era - a happy one, and maybe didn't even know it. But each of them could find comfort in the fact that they had each other.
So, yes, I guess that was the end of a happy time, but a new one will start the next day. Life goes on, and opportunities to be happy will come around everyday, every moment. As long as we have those we love by our side, we can always be happier than what we were yesterday. I guess all we have to do is remember that today can be the happiest day of the rest of our lives - as long as we have those we love near us.

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