Sunday, March 23, 2014

My apologies, but Stop apologizing!

I am so tired of everyone apologizing for everything.

The latest thing I have seen was Steve Martin - a comedian - apologized for a racist comment when he joked about the spelling of a word depending on where in NYC one is (implying of course, a difference between black and Italian populations)

Someone wrote, "Is this how you spell lasonia?"
Martin replied, "It depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant."

People got offended and he came out apologizing.
WEEK OF APOLOGIES - This Video shows it all.

Stop! Stop apologizing. Goodness gracious!

Don't apologize for a joke about stereotypes.

Don't apologize for a joke about Romney's grandchild either.

Now, yeah, if you make a joke about not getting aids for being white, and you work for an HR company, then your words are actually representing your company. In this case, I am afraid you might get rightfully fired.

But don't apologize for having more whites than blacks in your show (that was Jerry Seinfeld - and by the way, he didn't apologize. He made sure he pointed out this is not the census. I love Seinfeld!)

Stop apologizing, people.

If you are a comedian - it is your job to make fun of stereotypes. I don't like when they make jokes with Christians. I don't like it and I don't demand an apology. I just don't like it. I will wait for the next joke, something about Muslims or blondes.

If you're not a comedian, you still have the right speak your mind. And if people don't like it they, wil have to live with it.

But, if you write a poem slandering someone because of their expressing their opinion, then that is okay. Slandering people, calling people names, because you don't agree with their views, that is okay.

Uh, things are a little messed up here. Actually, slander is not covered by the freedom of speech amendment.

That guy from Duck Dinasty got hammered because he said a man's anus was not as good as a women's vagina. Yes, that is freedom of speech.
Also because he said that his Bible, from his religion (which is widely available to anyone in the US), says that homosexuals, people who commit bestiality, and others are going to hell. He didn't even make that up. It is not even his opinion. It's the religion he subscribes too. Last time I checked it was still free to subscribe to a religion in America.

He didn't even suggest we should do something bad to those people - which by the way is not covered by the freedom of speech amendment.

Come on, people. Let's wake up.

It's time everyone calms down and relax. People are entitled to their opinions, especially people that make a living poking fun at other people.

I really wish everyone would stop apologizing.

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