Sunday, March 30, 2014

Everyone should have more sex

I really think everyone should have more sex.

I know, the sex issue is a taboo. But I have to say it. I think everyone should have more sex, because sex is so good. Why don't we encourage people to have more sex? It is healthy, it is good, and it is fun.
Instead we make it sound dirty, shameful and dangerous to your heart.

Do you know why? Because from a religious perspective (I say religious, bc I know it is not only Christianity that claims that sex is a right of married people), to have sex, people should be married. Why don't we encourage everyone to get married? Because if we encourage people to get married just so they can have sex, we might be encouraging irresponsible jump-in marriages which, in today's no-one-takes-responsibility-for-anything society, means we are encouraging the growth of divorce.

Well, if you are religious however, think with me - what is wrong with encouraging people to get married just so they can have sex? Isnt'it better than telling people to hold it and then risking them having sex out of wedlock, with one, two, three, 10, 20 people? Telling them to wait till they are 25 or till they have a PhD or a lamborghini sitting in their driveways is dangerous? Why? Because, I am sorry, but, asking someone on fire to wait 10 or 20 more years to put it out is a bit mean - they might just bot be able to hold it for that long.

Yes, society today makes divorce way too easy, but it is your responsibility to stay married. I think it is easier to stay married than to stay virgin.

God created sex, and the thing is good as h... wait, no, not hell. It is f-ing good, literally. God would not create something that good and have us wait halfway through our sexually mature days to use it. And if God created and God put the desire in us, it is only natural that it is so hard to resist.

Of course, I am not saying that so you can encourage your 15-year-old daughter to marry her dead-end loser  boyfriend just so they can have sex. That is not what I am talking about. Don't marry an idiot just because he is hot. I'm talking about meeting someone nice, and not waiting 10 or 15 years until you are both ready (finances, education, all that crap). I'm talking about getting married and getting busy. And also getting out of your parents' house, because they are not really interested in listening to your love-making every night and washing your bedding covered in that goo that comes out afterwards. I know I wouldn't be.

And if you are married, why in the world are you sitting here reading this post? This is why all these marriages end up in divorce - people are too busy doing things other than sex.

Come one, go on, get busy with the hot stuff that you married.
What are you still doing here? GO! NOW!

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