Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July travel

We left home on Sunday, very early in the morning. We had to wake up at 3 to leave home by 4 so we could be at the airport by 7.
Surprise, surprise! We did not leave home at 4, but at 4:16.
So we could not make it on the time frame we had established for ourselves. What else is new?
Oh and how I really want to murder my husband when I tell him I want to be in bed by sunset so we actually get hours of sleep before we have to get up at ungodly hours to catch a plane. He does not take me seriously! He does nothing to help my request come true.
I would have felt so much better getting up at 3 am had I gone to bed by 9 pm the night before instead of at 11:30.
But we did make it, as tired as I could ever be, we made it to the airport, we made it to the airplane, we made it to the car rental place, we made it to the motel.
On the way to the airport Dean showed me the forecast. What? Thunderstorms? In Florida? For the whole week? That does not sound fair. I want a refund!
Nothing to worry, says Dean. It's common to have forecasts like these. It's probably a 30% chance of rainstorms. In less than 48 hours I would be yelling at him to shut up because everytime he opened his mouth to say it could not get worse... IT DID!

It the beginning of a glorious 4th of July. We were in Orlando, Florida!
A couple of days before I went online to check out independence day fireworks. I had gotten this awesome 5 tickets for the price of 3 for Disney Parks, which meant that we had to find to extra days to use those tickets. I did not think it would happen, but the deal wouldn't hurt anyone. After all we really just wanted 3 days at Disney, and 2 at Universal. By the end of my vacation I was glad I did get the deal. Things would not have been as fun.
Having 5 for the price of three meant we could go hang out at Disney on the very same day we arrived, and still have one extra ticket just for ha-has. That meant we did not have to go looking for fireworks in Orlando, we could go straight to the park.
And that's how come I ended up in the Disney website, a couple of days before our trip, trying to find out if they would have independence day special fireworks.
Epcot came up on my search, so it was settled. We were going to Epcot on Independence Sunday.

On the way to Orlando I could only talk about our trip to... England??? Yes, call me crazy, I was already planning our next vacation, and super excited about it, but the current vacation hadn't even started yet. Half way through the trip I figured I'd better put England on hold and start getting into Orlando. After all I could not ruin the trip to the land of dreams, just because I was excited about my freakish never-ending planning mania.

We got to an Orlando of cloudy cloudy skies. But oh so hot and oh so humid.

We got there with directions, prices and fees, toll roads and non-toll roads all planned out thanks to my freakish never-ending, always aiming for perfection planning mania. Unfortunately that does not prevent mishaps from happening. And we did yell at each in the car. Nope. not a novelty either, but an event that I intend to rid ourselves from. If only I had planned it a little bit more.

The motel, just as we saw on the internet, had a waffle house for a neighbor. We walked over there for lunch. Waffle House is Dean's favorite ever restaurant, so the picture of the motel right next to it heavily influenced my decision.
Oh, and I then discovered that even though it was past lunch time I could order breakfast food!!!! That is awesome.

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