Monday, July 12, 2010

To Epcot for Independence day fireworks

Ok, to Epcot! Directions set. We're good to go. I was surprised at how easy it was driving there (except for my mistakenly sending my husband in the wrong direction - as usual I never lay out the map's compass points according to the real life compass points).

I was also surprised at how easy it was parking and getting to the park gate. Everything was so organized!

Finally I saw it - the Epcot ball. I had not the slightest idea of what to expect from the ride in there, but I knew what I was looking at. The silver colored AT&T ball was staring at me right in the face and saying "you really are here! just as you planned for months - you're here! that's it! It can't get any better!" Well, it could. And it did.

I was so impatient. I had to take my picture before we even went in.

Dean had already been there. Not in the summer time. He was surprised at how empty the place was. He hardly waited in line compared to what he had experienced before.

Now, Brazilians! Lots of them! They walked in packs! Wearing the same travel agency shirts, with a travel guide going ahead of them with a travel agency flag! Every where we looked there they were! Being loud and speaking my good old Portuguese. Teenagers in its majority. It's a big to do for teens in Brazil to visit Disney in their winter vacation. We began calling those colored-shirt groups "THE BRAZILIAN INVASION!"

My biggest fear while planning the trip was to not know what to do once I got there. For weeks prior I had haunted my husband with a park map and the question - "let's choose our rides?" Once I started that fear almost disappeared. We looked at the park map, picked the rides we wanted to go on the spot and drafted a very primitive route for that first day. Since we were really there for the fireworks, we were more worried about walking around and hitting rides as we went.

And even at that relaxed pace we hit almost every ride we chose.

Epcot has to sections - Future World and World Show case. We hit future world first. Dean wanted me to see some rides he already knew, and I was not sure to what extent I should be doing every little thing that was available to be done. So we did waste some precious time with useless rides and games.
We did World Showcase second because it was toward the end of the park. Even though we were not worried about hitting every ride, we did went into the Canada and the Mexican rides. And we ate sauerkraut in Germany.
Again, we were only there for the 4th of July fireworks. Unfortunately the time for the fire works was not posted anywhere. More time wasted just sitting there waiting for it. Had we known it would have been another 90 minutes till the event, we'd have done much more.

Finally they started. We saw them from Norway. The first part really was not 4th of July. It was their regular thing. Beautiful I must say, but I was feeling kind of disappointed because the website did say 4th of July fireworks. After the regular presentation though, they announced the 4th of July celebration and fireworks started to the sound of patriotic songs.

I'm not an American, but my husband is. And I wanted to make his 4th of July as patriotic as possible. It did work. We could go back home now. We would be back again in 3 days.

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