Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I find it ironic that the country whose flag I fought for the right to wear in my own country - out of sheer sympathy - now prevents me from flying my own country's flag at my own house - out of much more than sympathy, for what one feels for one's own country goes beyond sympathy.

I'm not and I have never claimed to want to be American, but I was willing to have their flag spread out on my chest, simply to say "I'm on your side on this battle." But I will always be Brazilian, and if my flag can't be flown at my own house house, no other flag will. I will honor no place that does not allow me to honor my own.

And how will I ever face my family again? When any one of them questions how come a Brazilian flies an American flag at her house while her Brazilian flag is no where to be seen - what am I to say? This is not a house I happen to be living in - it is my own house. I could definitely say I fly it out of respect. But at the expense of my own?

How can I justify flying any other flag at the expense of my own? Has my country turned its back on me? Have I fled here for fear of persecution or extreme hardship? Am I ashamed of who I am or where I am from? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding No! I have all reasons to be proud of who I am and where I am from. Far from being perfect, Brazil never gave me a reason to deny it.

Out of respect for the country I live in I will fly their flag, but not at the expense of my own. Out of respect for my country, other flag will not stand at my own house if I am not given the right to fly my own.

Maybe this should be a lesson learned - never fight battles that are not your own. The ones you fight for give you no guarantee they will fight yours when you need them.

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