Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is hard ... for those who are soft

No, I do not have time to write on my blog today. I don't. And that's just it.
I have too much homework to do, and I have a doctor's appointment at 3. However, I am a procrastinator by nature, and when ideas come to my mind I must write them down, so everything gets pushed for later - well, not everything, usually homework.

Homework is so so boring, that I honestly feel for my students every time I send homework their way. But, hey, it's life. And life is hard, said a friend of mine, to those who are soft. Better get that homework done.

But before that, let's write on this blog. So life is hard, eh. So times are tough. So what? So maybe this is the end of the world. The end the Bible talks about. And maybe it is. Everything seems to be crumbling, everything seems to be falling apart.

(You're wondering if I believe all of that fairy tale about the end of the world and the second coming of Christ. Well, if you still don't know that I am a Biblical Christian, then the answer is yes, I believe that fairy tale story. So if you'd like you can stop reading right now and miss out on the rest of the fun.)

But what if it is not the end of the world? I mean, 2000 years later! Seems like the perfect timing, right? Yeah, right. From a human point of view, duh. Just don't forget we are talking about a universe created by a being that is not human. And His logic is not ours.

Times a tough? You think they have never been tougher? So tell me about the time in which Christians were fed to lions. Or about the time in which the plague almost decimated the European population. Or look at African history and how their prisoners of war were sold into slavery and brought to the Americas in the slave ships. Could things get any worse?

Times are hard for us who became soft thanks to the comforts of modern life. Yes, it could be much worse. And yes, we could come around.

Could this be the end? Yes, it could. But it could be just another cycle. In the end only God knows.

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