Thursday, April 14, 2011

More on John Lennon

It is really hard to convince people who know I am a Beatles fan, that I did not marry Dean because he looks like a Beatle. Really really hard.

The other day, at Ocean State, the cashier called him John Lennon. She said she's been wanting to say that for a long time, every time she sees him at the store. And we go there a lot.

A few weeks ago, when my car broke down and Dean went to pick me up at work, my co-workers were like, “Can I have an autograph?”

Seriously, it is hard to make people believe that this is not intentional. I did not marry Dean because I thought he looked like a Beatle, even though I thought he was cute. I married him because he was a nice boyfriend, so I figured he'd make a nice husband.

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