Friday, April 08, 2011

Territorialist? Yes, and proud of it! No one talks trash about my own. Only me.

My brother and my best best friend fell in love with São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, respectively.

Consequently, falling out of love with my Bahia.

And, I grant you both, as son and daughter of Bahia, the right to fall in love with other parts of the country, I must say that, despite all our faults, I'm still siding with Bahia. I'm territorialist, yes. And proud of it.

I am sorry to say the baiano people has very little resemblance to the concept of perfect. But they're mine. And no one talks trash about my own. Only me.

So here's the deal:

  • In spite of all its faults, its dirty, unkempt looks, Bahia is beautiful. Please do not say such absurd as “Rio is so much more beautiful than Bahia” because that is a BIG FAT LIE! And I tell you that with all the love a best friend could. I understand taste is personal, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so you can keep your opinions about the degree of beauty of such post-card spots, however, when it comes to number of beautiful places to see, Bahia beats Rio so bad, it doesn't even feel like a fair match.

  • In spite of all its faults, Bahia has produced genial minds, actors, poets, writers, musicians, abolitionists that are revered in Brasil and in the world. Please do not address the fact that São Paulo is so much more cultured than Bahia, because their culture is nothing more than a sample of all we can give them. You must not forget where Rui Barbosa, world-wide renown philosopher, politician, statesman, came from. … Baiano.

  • In spite of all the lack of manners and all the ignorance and all the ingratitude, beauty, intelligence and artistic spirit grow in Bahia like weed.

And that the baiano excels in everything he does, it is a given. No, no one is like us. No place is like ours. Please spare your comments.

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