Saturday, April 09, 2011

Young girl kissing Old man in the six o'clock novela Araguaia! Ewww!!!!!!

How does a young girl like Aspásia, waiting for Prince Charming, ends up kissing Genão!!! Disgusting!!! She's in her early twenties!!! He's like 60 or 70!!! Oh! Gee! I don't want an old man kissing me!!! Not me! Not me! Not me!

When I said that to Dean, he giggled, “But you'd want to kiss Paul McCartney!”

“But, but, but,” said I a little unsure of my next argument. But then I knew it! “Paul McCartney is different! See …” and I began to detail the list of differences between my kissing Paul and Aspásia kissing Genão:

“1st– I'd kiss Paul one single time. Never again. I do not intend to kiss him for the rest of my lifetime (or probably his). Aspásia plans on kissing Genão for the rest of … his life, right! Ewww!!!

“2nd – I am not planning on going to bed with Paul McCartney. Aspásia certainly is going to end up in bed with Genão! Eww!!!

“3rd – I'd only kiss Paul out of curiosity. Because, after all, I have always wanted to know what kissing Paul McCartney feels like. Aspásia kissed Genão because she is in love. Eww!!!

“Moral of the story: no old man kissing my lips!!!”

“But what when I get old?” My honorable husband asks, “Will you leave me for a young guy, just because you won't kiss old men?”

Oh, dear! I thought!

“I will be older too! Isn't that how Paul McCartney's song goes? Of course I am not even going to look old, and all the young guys will fall in love with baby here. But I will only have eyes and lips for one person in my life. Moral of the story – old people kiss old people!”

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