Wednesday, April 20, 2011

gotta love roller coasters

Ok, so who in their right state of mind doesn't love roller coasters?
I mean, what's not to love?
The growing expectation on the slow way up, the freedom of the first and most deadly fall...
and the funny feeling in your stomach.

Are you sitting there thinking, "does she spend the whole winter dreaming of roller coasters?"

Yes!!! Yes, you got it!!! I spend the whole winter waiting for Six Flags to open and when it does, I am there! I am right there! First one in line for the Bizarro, and then the Scream, my two favorite rides.

Actually I think Scream might be even better than Bizarro. Why do I say such a heresy, you ask?

Very simple, my friend, very very simple - It's a scream on the way up, and another on the way down. It shoots you up, it holds up for a second, then it drops you down.

Follow the sequence with me: Scream first shoots you up in the sky, just like that, while you are just there, going ladi-lada-laaaah, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. It just catches you by surprise and shoots ya up in the air. Your voice? Ha! Your voice's gone bye bye! Your stomach? You wonder if you left it down at ground level, because it feels like your insides hold nothing but cold air. Then the thing holds you up there for a few seconds, just enough time for you to realize how freakishly high that thing is. Yeah, look around, my love! Good view of the park, ain't it? As you are beginning to enjoy the view though, it drops you down. And then you think maybe your stomach is playing catch with you, because now you wonder if it stayed up there.

Ok, it's terrifying! Which in my language means, "It's freaking awesome!"

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